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Whiskey Cocktail: Monkey See, Monkey Blue

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a Scottish cocktail around here, and Monkey Shoulder is one of my favorites to mix with. Monkey Shoulder is a fantastic blended malt whiskey, composed mainly of single malts from Balvenie, Kininvie and Glenfiddich. It’s a bartender favorite for a reason, it’s affordable, it’s reasonably priced, and it’s endlessly mixable.

When I think of monkeys, the first thing I think of are bananas. And this whiskey has hints of banana to me. There is also some lovely honey and orange that pops out, so I wanted to play around with these by adding a little banana liqueur and orange liqueur, as my favorite thing to add to a cocktail every time. possible, blue curacao. For those unfamiliar with my obsession with blue curacao, please see this summer’s Japanese whiskey cocktail I made for Father’s Day.

Unlike that summer tiki-style drink, I wanted this one to be edgy, so I chose a bit of sherry to balance out the sweet notes and I’m not crazy about it at all. The resulting drink exhibited a delicious balance of malt, sweetness and light citrus notes. It looks like a fancy treat and the color makes it so much more fun. It requires a few things that you might not just have lying around on your bar cart, but hopefully you’ll enjoy this one when you need to change up your usual old-fashioned or Manhattan routine. Cheers!

Monkey See, Monkey Blue (image via Emily Ross-Johnson / The Whiskey Wash)

Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass with ice. Stir for 30 seconds. Filter into a cocktail glass. Express the orange peel on the drink and throw it in, throw it or make a pretty banana like I did.

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