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Whiskey bar plans to move to former Harriet’s restaurant building

MARION – Micheal Achilles, owner of the future Mary Celeste Whiskey and Wine Library, said he had learned that the proposed location for the old Bookstall’s whiskey bar “was just not physically possible, on the long way “.

He therefore appeared in front of Selectmen on November 3 to request the transfer of his liquor license from his former location at 7 Cottage Street, the former site of Harriet’s restaurant. After comments from Selectmen and remarks in a public hearing, the board of directors approved the transfer.

“Sounds awesome,” said board chairman Randy Parker, adding that he had performed the electrical inspection of the building, “I can see it’s good because I’m there. go. “

The salon has been under construction since 2018, when Achilles rented the space that was once the Bookstall, a beloved Marion bookstore that closed in June of the same year after 60 years in business.

The concept behind the living room is a place to bring residents together for a drink and a calm atmosphere. Its name comes from the famous ghost ship of 1861 which was requisitioned by Benjamin Briggs of Marion and found intact, but empty in 1872.

In June 2019, Selectmen approved Achilles’ all-alcohol license, after which the State Alcohol and Beverage Commission approved the license. But the Selectmen agreed not to sign and release the permit until the salon has its necessary signatures and certifications from the city’s fire chief and building commissioner.

Recently, Achilles teamed up with investment firm Mainvest to launch a crowdfunding campaign for people in the local community to invest in the future of the establishment and make a profit in the process.

In the new location, Achilles said he is modernizing the kitchen and making the bathroom accessible to people with disabilities.

He said the building would be ready in three weeks after work on the bathroom was completed.

The full kitchen will serve appetizers and light desserts, and the lounge will always be open from 3 p.m. to 10 a.m. Achilles said he was “extremely respectful of other businesses” like Kate’s Simple Eats, which closes at 3 p.m.

For parking, there will be 15 or more spaces available depending on how people park.

With the occupation, Achilles said the interior could normally accommodate 40 people, but that would be reduced due to covid. The restaurant will also have an outdoor patio.

There was slight confusion about the public hearing portion of the approval.

Residents of 16 Cottage Street came and said they had not been informed of the hearing.

City administrator Jay McGrail said the city followed the necessary procedures to publish the hearing and notify direct neighbors.

Achilles also explained that Patti Nicholoson, the owner of Harriet’s property, owns the properties directly adjacent to Mary Celeste’s.

Ann Ziegler, one of the residents, expressed concern about the noise volumes in the summer with people on the patio.

“I’m afraid the sound is being transmitted,” Ziegler said.

Achille explained that inside and outside the facility there are noise monitoring devices that alert him and the general manager if the decibels are above an acceptable level. before the attackers hear about it.

On top of that, Achilles added that Harriet’s had no complaints when it was opened as a restaurant or private event space.

“We’ve been very, very sensitive about this,” said Achilles. “We will make sure we do our best to be respectful of the neighbors. ”

For people who leave the restaurant and are unruly, city administrator Jay McGrail told Ziegler to call the cops, and Achilles added that he would give his contact details to those who live in the residence to maintain a line of communication. opened.

Selectmen voted to recommend the signing and release of the permit after the restaurant obtains the necessary permits and certification signatures from the city’s fire chief and building commissioner.

The board also approved Mary Celeste’s mothership license to serve food.

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