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This Ottawa cafe turns into a whiskey bar at night and feels like sipping in Scotland

It’s hard enough to get one thing right, but Oat Couture Cafe and Montgomery Scotch Lounge offer two unique concepts in one space. They recently opened their second location where you can sip coffee by day and Scotch whiskey by night.

Not only is their cafe the only oatmeal coffee chain in the world, but the whiskey bar is a casual and inviting space. If you’ve ever been cheeky when you’ve asked for a whiskey cocktail in a Scottish Scotch lounge, you know the vibe isn’t usually so inviting and relaxing.

If you think oatmeal is bland, think again. This cafe makes us rework the way we think about this simple breakfast dish, with an extensive menu of healthy and tasty oatmeal. For example, the Campfire bowl is a wonderful mix of graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, raspberry and caramel. They are seamlessly transforming the cafe into a scotch bar while continuing to serve customers, at 3 p.m. in their new Gladstone location and 5 p.m. on Bank Street.

They believe everyone can find their real scotch, and it’s no longer just a drink your dad can sip after a long day at work. They offer over 75 different types of Scotch, with a detailed drink map showing their origin in Scotland and the different flavor profiles. There are flights available, so you don’t have to choose just one to try. There are also cocktails, beer and wine.

Their second location on Gladstone Avenue just opened last November, is about double the size of the first restaurant, and has a stage so you can catch a live show while drinking. It offers an extensive menu, while the Bank Street location offers small snack plates.

This new place has a similar look and some of the same elements as the first, including hanging chairs and exposed brick walls. You can go see for yourself if they are on their way to becoming the world’s most laid back scotch lounge.

Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe & Montgomery Scotch Lounge

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: oatmeal and Scottish-inspired

Address: 1154 Bank Street and 750 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa, ON

Why you need to go: You can indulge in delicious oatmeal, while relaxing in a hanging chair by day, and at night taste scotch and feel like you’re having a night out in Scotland.

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