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There will soon be whiskey in the jar, in love with Jameson | The last | Weekly Gambit

Our long civic nightmare is almost over, New Orleans.

Pernod Ricard, owner of Jameson whisky, says they are starting to restock bars and restaurants with the sweet, sweet nectar of life – and more bottles are on the way.

“We are pleased to report that our operations teams responded with flexibility and agility to mitigate supply issues; they work tirelessly to help supply New Orleans bars, restaurants, liquor stores and consumers with their beloved Jameson,” said company spokeswoman Veena Raj.

“We have started restocking local bars and restaurants, starting with filling backorders, and more stock is arriving steadily,” she added.

While some local bar owners were hoping to get bottles from local distributor Jameson Republic National Distributing Co. on Thursday, it looks like they might start getting them on Friday instead.

Raj said “global shipping bottlenecks caused by the rebound in global consumer demand” led to the recent Jameson shortage in the city, although she said the situation “is not not an industry or product specific issue”.

“If there’s no Jameson and I’m hosting 400 bartenders from New Orleans, there would be a riot,” Manowitz said.

Jameson’s supply has been uneven between commercial sales at restaurant bars and retail supply at grocery stores and liquor stores. Last month, several bar owners told Gambit that their stocks of Jameson were low, even when some grocery stores had their shelves stocked.

Sarah Manowitz, general manager of Oz, said Jameson’s recent shipments were good news considering she had already heard that Jameson wouldn’t be back in stock until March.

However, Manowitz said big box stores ended up getting a big chunk of the city’s allocation this week. Now she has her fingers crossed for next week, when there should be two more expeditions.

“Local bars are frustrated that the allocation we’re getting is largely going to big box stores rather than local businesses just trying to survive,” she said.

The Mardi Gras weekend is only two weeks away.


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