Whiskey bar

The wine and whiskey bar in Pleasantville is stunning

With seven different types of wine and whiskey flights to choose from, served in dozens of different combinations, Flights in Pleasantville has quickly become a major nightlife destination since opening in January. Flights took off when owner Paul Paljevic’s son, David, reinvented his father’s wine bar, formerly called Battonage, giving customers a choice of seven flight options: three tastes of 3oz white or red wine for $21; sparkling wine for $28; three 1oz tastes of scotch or whiskey for $29; Whiskey Elite for $49; family whiskey for $30; and First Class, which start at $59 and can go up to $150. The flights come with tiny wooden tags under each glass to help identify which liquor is which.

“It gives people the chance to taste some of the most expensive whiskeys in the world at a reasonable price,” says young Paljevic, who has been appointed director of Flights.

The Pappy Van Winkle First Class Flight, for example, includes three of RIP Van Winkle’s famous bourbon products: 10 Year Old, Van Winkle 12 Year Old, and Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Old, for $150. You can also purchase an individual 2oz glass for $60, $90, and $150, respectively.

Small board, $19

Porter cheddar, fontina, primo sale, Parma prosciutto, Sujuk sausage, soppressata​.

Exposed brickwork, dim lighting, and wooden tables give the bar a rustic-yet-romantic vibe, while a 10-story bar with multiple TVs showing the night’s sports matches keeps it laid-back. A sweet mix of young locals and couples of varying ages filled the tables on a recent Friday night.

Build-it-yourself or pre-made charcuterie and cheese boards ($19 to $32) are a great option for splitting, given that most members of your party are bound to have three different drinks in front of them. They also offer small plates like bruschetta and small sandwiches ($8-$15), as well as salads ($12-$13), specialty pizzas ($12-$14), and desserts ($6-$15). $11), all simple, fresh and also good for sharing. The element that stood out

Whiskey waffle, $11

A Belgian waffle topped with powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream and served with Tippleman’s Barrel smoked maple syrup.

the plus was the whiskey waffle ($11), a Belgian waffle topped with vanilla ice cream and Tippleman’s Barrel smoky syrup, giving it a smoky, savory flavor that blended perfectly with the hot waffle and ice cream cold. For those who like full glasses, Flights also offers beer and a satisfying cocktail menu with classic signature drinks ranging from $10 to $15.

Flights Wine Whiskey Bar
10 Marble Avenue, Pleasantville
(914) 769-4040;