Whiskey bar

The whiskey bar, the Whiskey Haze restaurant is open on the west side of Milwaukee

Whiskey Haze, a new whiskey bar that serves dinner and snacks from a veteran Milwaukee chef, has started serving 75 kinds of bourbons, rye, and single malt and blended Scotch whiskeys in the Washington Heights neighborhood.

It’s at 5513 W. North Ave. It was previously the site of the Tusk restaurant, which closed in August after a three-year race. Whiskey Haze owner Christine McRoberts also owned Tusk and operates McBob’s Pub & Grill nearby.

The drinks

Director Kevin Murphy, who toured Kentucky distilleries ahead of the opening, said the list of bourbons, rye and scotches would continue to grow as he searched for “unicorns,” whiskeys. the rarest.

He picked up bottles on his travels that are harder to find, he said, as Col. EH Taylor bottled on bail.

The entire line from Murphy’s favorite Old Forester is on offer at Whiskey Haze, and rye enthusiasts will see distillers such as WhistlePig represented, among others.

Ten cocktails are on the bar menu, some of them are classics like Boulevardier and Negroni (not all are whiskey based), and others that Murphy imagined, like an old-fashioned smoked, presented with cherry wood smoke, and a drink he calls hot apple pie – grilled and mashed apple and orange with bourbon, hot apple cider, a little tea and a touch of wormwood.

The bar offers diamond-cut glasses for premium pourings as well as Kentucky Bourbon Trail tasting boards for patrons who want to compare and contrast four poured bourbons at 1 ounce instead of the usual 1 ½ ounce.

Wine and beer are also available at the bar.

The food

The drink-friendly menu was designed by Chef Frank Harroun, who worked years ago across the West End in Meritage. Among other restaurants, he worked at Noble in Walker’s Point and more recently at Lucky Joe’s in Wauwatosa.

It included main dishes such as the Portuguese roast, with linguica sausage, potatoes and spicy coriander carrots; a half-pound burger with fall toppings of caramelized leeks, fried kale and camembert sauce (the meat comes from butchers at Kettle Range and the bun from Rocket Baby Bakery, other businesses on the side Where is); and a changing cut of steak from Kettle Range, served with fingerling potatoes and Bourbon Brussels sprouts. This weekend’s cut is an 8-ounce New York Strip, $ 29; main courses otherwise cost $ 10 to $ 20.

Other main courses include roasted vegetable risotto and mushroom pie with mixed greens.

Like the whiskey inventory, the menu is going to grow, Harroun said, possibly offering pairings and dinner and drink specials.

The menu also includes salads, such as the one with roasted red, golden and chioggia beets on arugula with a yogurt and orange vinaigrette, which can be made as a starter with the addition of chicken, steak or tofu.

A range of seafood is included among the entrees, like oysters on the half-shell, mussels steamed in white wine and Rhode Island stuffing, stuffed clams.

Customers can also choose from planks of cheese and deli meats, oven-baked chicken wings crispy in the deep fryer and then seared on the grill, and Hasselback potatoes and root vegetables, brushed with garlic oil and sliced ​​but kept intact, presented on a board.

Snacks include a spicy Chex mix and pickled vegetables, items that would be on hand even after the kitchen is closed for the night, but the bar remains open. Seasoned popcorn that will vary from week to week will be added to this lineup, McRoberts said.

Kitchen hours are 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The bar is open later.

A mural added to the Whiskey Haze Dining Room and Bar, 5513 W. North Ave., depicts the chef's dog, Boris.

Up to 20 customers can sit at the horseshoe-shaped bar, another 50 at the tables. Two heated and carpeted greenhouses for the winter accommodating up to six people by reservation were to be set up this week; one is designed as a “waiting room” with drinks for customers until an interior table opens.

The dining room and bar have been redecorated for a more whiskey-bar vibe, said McRoberts; a mural depicts Harroun’s dog, Boris, on a bar stool.

The number for Whiskey Haze is (414) 763-2095; reservations are recommended. It’s online at whiskeyhazemke.com and on Facebook, or The complete Whiskey Haze menu may be seen.

Whiskey Haze can be found on a stretch of North Avenue where several new restaurant businesses have opened in recent years, or are about to do so. Its immediate neighbors are the beer brewer and roaster Vennture Brew Co. at 5519 W. North Ave. and Heaven’s Table BBQ, which will open in mid-November at 5507 W. North Ave.

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