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The internet is losing its mind over this viral old-fashioned whiskey cocktail tutorial video, here’s why

There are two kinds of alcohol lovers in this world. There are the kinds that have had an old fashioned and those that don’t. Old-fashioned is one of the must-have cocktails for all whiskey lovers. Whip junkies even think that it is relatively easy to prepare the drink because apparently it only requires a few ingredients. The right ingredient is the essence of an old-fashioned whiskey, suggest cocktail lovers. Now an old video is circulating on social media and people are losing their minds because of the woman giving a tutorial on how to make an old fashioned whiskey cocktail. Me Explaining To My Mom Funny memes are taking over the internet and these are the most relevant childhood collapse reactions!

A Twitter user @turning_police shared the clip from an older video, with the caption “I’m losing my fucking mind,” a sentiment that seemed to echo many other people on the platform.

Watch the tutorial video here

Why is the Internet losing its mind?

Daily point, identifies the woman as JaNee Nisogner who hosts the video as part of a YouTube cocktail tutorial series made for Maholo.com. In the video, she referred to the drink, like the one “not many people order” these days. She continues to make old-fashioned whiskey in a pint glass, with a full cup of ice and phantom bitters. She asked viewers to use “3 ounces” of bourbon, but instead filled the entire glass with bourbon. The result: it’s a glass of whole bourbon with crushed sweet cherries and a whole slice of orange. She just had too many decent ingredients in there that didn’t make the typical old-fashioned whiskey.


Of course it is

JaNee Nisonger has made videos for margaritas, mint juleps and other alcoholic beverages. There is no update, if she is aware enough that the video is going viral now. She would apparently not have a social media presence, but would certainly have a dedicated audience built in online.

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