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The best whiskey and cocktail books for every type of drinker

When it comes to alcohol, sometimes it pays to be really educated on the subject. From the history of whiskey (without the e) to a distillery-by-distillery evolution, we’ve compiled a long list of socially lubricated literature so you can stock your shelves as well as your bar cart.

The bar book Was recommended to me by my favorite bartender and this is my favorite. It’s filled with advanced recipes designed by Jeffrey Morgethaler and answers almost any question you might have when whipping up something tasty in your kitchen.

The new cocktail craft

Dale DeGroff’s original work has been highly influential as a guide for both consumers and professionals on what to do with great ingredients at the bar. The new version expands on that and charts the renaissance of craft cocktails across the country.

Lew Bryson breaks down all the flavor elements of whiskey in his new book, discussing the origin of the wide range of flavors, chemistry, grain and more in this explainer.

The World Whiskey Atlas: New Edition

“The World Atlas of Whiskey includes detailed maps, samples of single malts from Aberfeldy to Tormore, excellent blends from Bushmills to Yoichi and the best of bourbons and ryes from Barton to Wild Turkey. It offers notes of Tasting on over 300 selected expressions.Detailed descriptions of all major Scottish distilleries can be found here, while Ireland, Japan, USA, Canada and the rest of the world enjoy comprehensive coverage.

Written by David Wondrich, Senior Drinks Columnist at Hall Full, this definitive guide to classic American cocktails features the little-known history of American drinks, making it the ultimate guide for mixologists.

The art of American whiskey

Half-full editor Noah Rothbaum’s The art of American whiskey is a visual guide to the most famous whiskey labels. It traces the arc of whiskey from the colonial era through the current craft distilling boom, making it a perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life.

Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of American Whiskey

“In Bourbon Empire, Reid Mitenbuler shows how bourbon, America’s most iconic style of whiskey, and the industry surrounding it, truly came into existence – a saga of shrewd capitalism as well as craftsmanship. make craft.”

The Way of Whiskey: A Journey Around Japanese Whiskey

“Dave Broom, award-winning author and internationally acclaimed whiskey expert, has traveled to Japan 25 times over the past 12 years to study and learn about his whiskies. In this major new book, he shares his personal journey around Japan’s whiskey distilleries and the country’s unique whiskey culture.

“An original book on the art of mixology is a rare find. Gary Regan’s The Joy of Mixology is such a gem, the genius of which lies in Regan’s revolutionary system for categorizing drinks that helps bartenders, pros and amateurs alike, not only remember drink recipes, but also invent new ones. their.

A Drinking Feast: A Cocktail Companion to 1920s Paris

“A Drinkable Feast reveals the stories of over 50 cocktails: who drank them, where they became popular, and how to make them yourself using original recipes from nearly a century ago. Filled with anecdotes and photos of the great actors of the time, you’ll feel like you’re there yourself, walking the boulevards with the Lost Generation.

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