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Review: Liquor Lab Whiskey Cocktail Experience Kit

Editor’s Note: This kit was provided to us as a review sample by Liquor Lab. This in no case, by our editorial policies, influenced the final result of this review.

It’s not a secret. I enjoy a good cocktail. They are fun to make, fun to drink, and even more fun to dissect. For people who have less practical knowledge in this area, there is the Liquor Lab Cocktail Experience kit.

The whiskey kit includes almost everything you need to make 12 old fashioned and 12 whiskey sours (more on that later), except the whiskey. My kit also came with a bar tool kit.

So one recent Thursday I invited my bravest friend to join me for a drink. I scanned the QR code to access our mini cocktail lab videos and we watched Chicago bartender Freddie Sarkis explain in detail how to do old style.

I repeated the steps from memory because there was no recipe card (the box says there should be one inside, but there was none in mine). Its ratio was the same as the one I use, so it was delicious. However, he recommended serving over smaller ice creams, and I tried it. I strained our emergency drinks after the first minute so they weren’t too watered down. Barely.

I followed the same steps with the sour whiskey, the most fascinating ingredient of which was candied lemon juice. Freddie urged me to add egg white to my acids, which begs the question “If you’re going to give me candied lemon juice, how about powdered egg whites?” »Maybe to keep the vegan kit? Either way, I totally disagree with his recipe for sour. But for journalistic integrity, I made my way. And I really liked it. Drink AND personal growth.

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So what’s the verdict?

Liquor Lab Cocktail Experience Kit (image by Cindy Caparelli)

First a few observations: the Amarena cherries from the Filthy brand were really delicious. However, the kit was for 12 drinks, then the video used two cherries per cocktail, and there were 12 cherries; somewhat inconsistent. The bitters were weak but I liked the flavor.

I was not happy with the number of preservatives in the two syrups. Nobody wants simple mold, I understand, but there are dozens of syrup manufacturers who use citric or tartaric acid at most – real food substances. Crystallized juice is a great solution and light years better than pasteurized shelf-stable stuff. I laughed at the little shaker that came with the tools, but it worked surprisingly well.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. I could see buying it for someone who is getting into the cocktail party at home. Both drinks are basic and a great place to start riffing and finding your own favorite way. The videos are well done and complete. At $ 55 retail, the price is steep for what you get, considering you always have to add a bottle of whiskey. So it goes with the gift items.

Although, if you’re responsible for entertaining a multinational corporation and money isn’t an issue, you can even get the kits and class infused with your branding and messaging (called ‘touch point gifts’). ).

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