Whiskey bar

Powers with cheese and chocolate…yes, whiskey really can be a food partner

These days, most of us are familiar with food and wine pairings, or even food and beer, but enjoying whiskey with food has yet to have the same impact. Not so long ago, the late and great expert on Chinese cuisine Kenneth Lo remarked: “In Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, you will see well-heeled Chinese people at restaurant tables with several bottles of whiskey, drinking it as if they were table wine. Many believe that Scotch is a brand of British wine that should be swallowed by the glass.

good luck if you ever try. But British wine comparisons aside, whiskey is starting to pop up alongside food. And the idea of ​​bringing the two together is one of the key elements of a month-long series of collaborative events between the Powers brand and local craft producers compiled to mark World Whiskey Day, which – like you you probably already know – is next Saturday, May 21st.