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New whiskey cocktail kits target home bartenders

Liquor Lab recently announced that it now offers what it says are highly interactive experience kits for customers to hone their cold brew and cocktail making skills.

The New York and Nashville-based lab offers “Liquor Lab Experience kits ”, including a whiskey, which contains ingredients and a QR code that gives you in-home access to a virtual masterclass. All you need to do is provide your favorite bottle of liquor and hit the on-demand mini-courses run by some of the world’s best bartenders. The lab said the courses are designed in an accessible and engaging way with step-by-step instructions and a few fun facts along the way.

Class leaders include Freddie Sarkis of Broken Shaker in Chicago; Dev Johnson of Only NY; Candice Coy of Broken Shaker and Mothers Ruin in New York and Elayne Duff, an MA in Mixology for Diageo.

Liquor Lab Whiskey Experience Kit (image via Liquor Lab)

The lab has also gone beyond the cocktail offerings and expanded its courses and kits to cater to coffee drinkers. Cold brew classes, teas and French press experiences will launch in September.

Liquor Lab kits can be personalized for an additional fee for weddings and corporate events, private home parties and any special occasions, according to the company. They come with personalized landing page experiences with personalized content and kits with everything you need to make the drinks.

Liquor Lab describes itself as the first of its kind, one of a kind, one stop shop for everything related to adult drinks – from buying merchandise to learning about the history of spirits to tasting. craft beer, wine and cocktails in a clandestine bar-style setting.

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