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New whiskey bar in Asheboro takes you back to the 1940s

ASHEBORO, NC (WGHP) – The city of Asheboro is teeming with economic and cultural resources. Tom Papas, along with his sister and wife, decided to take advantage of it all by opening Leo’s Whiskey Bar on North Street.

The members-only bar is a tribute to Tom’s father, Leo.

“He was just an honest guy who worked hard… he would have loved a place like this and honestly loved the scotch, and I love the bourbon, so we would just sit and chat across the table from the kitchen, ”said Tom.

The walls inside the bar are covered with paintings from the 1940s. Some are from Tom’s father when he served our country, and others are from people who had the photographs in their garage. If you look closely you will see images of Asheboro in the 1940s.

The music played is from the same period.

“We find that young kids love it because they kind of have an old soul and they love the ’40s music that we play. They love to do that makes us really appreciate the fact of what we’re trying to do. What we’re trying to accomplish is not to be this big chain and just a place where we can go back in time, ”said Tom.

Leo’s Whiskey Bar can only accommodate 25 people. It’s the kind of place to make new friends or see someone you haven’t seen in a while.

There’s one thing you can’t do at Leo’s: connect to the internet. The bar does not have WiFi as the owners consider it a distraction. They want to come and relax and disconnect.

“If you want to get out of 2021 and all the hectic things going around, come here and back down to 1945. When you walk in the door, leave it all behind, stop and have a high quality cocktail or whiskey. or bourbon or scotch, ”said Tom.

The best thing Tom can do is toast his father.

“He would have loved a place like this,” says Tom.

Bar membership is $ 1. There are already 500 members who signed up during Leo’s three-week opening.

Guests are welcome Tuesday through Saturday at 111 North Street in Asheboro.

Learn more about Leo here.

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