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Make Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope proud by pairing whiskey and waffles


A gourmet boutique in Brookline pairs barrel-aged spirits with breakfast fare.

Find whiskeys from around the world at Vom Fass Brookline and pair them with waffles. Photo courtesy of Vom Fass Brookline

Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope of Parks and recreation are two of television’s most iconic colleagues. They often disagree about things based on their very different worldviews, but they have immense respect for each other and always end up getting the job done. One thing Ron and Leslie totally agree on, however, is that breakfast foods are the best.

Played exuberantly by Amy Poehler of Burlington, Leslie is dedicated to Belgian waffles. Ron would be more likely to order steak and eggs, bacon, or the four horse meals of egg-pork-alypse (a signature dish at JJ’s Diner in Pawnee, Ind.) — but knowing his love (and that of actor Nick Offerman) of Lagavulin Scotch, we’re sure Ron would approve of Whiskey & Waffles at Brookline’s gourmet shop, Vom Fass.

This bi-monthly tasting event takes place on the third and fourth Sundays – next February 27 – and combines a hot and fresh Belgian-style waffle with a small batch whiskey flight. Vom Fass is an international franchise of European-style markets and tasting rooms, selling white label products like olive oils, vinegars, wine and spirits.

The Brookline store offers nearly 40 different whiskeys (and bourbons and scotches) from producers around the world, all resting in small wooden casks lining the shelves. Each Whiskey & Waffles tasting event features a different tasting flight. Tickets are $35.

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