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Last Heralds of Washington State Peated American Whiskey from Copperworks Distilling

Seattle’s Copperworks Distilling is known, in part, for its American single malt whiskies. They’ve had over 40 releases to date, some of which we’ve covered over time. One of them is a whiskey made from 100% peated barley from Washington State, and this particular style is now in its third iteration.

The new Copperworks Washington Peated American Single Malt Whiskey – Release 042, according to its authors, “was created from six casks of Washington state peated whiskey that were matured for over five years. Each cask was brewed and distilled with 100% Copeland barley variety grown in the Skagit Valley and then smoked during the malting process with peat from a lake bed on the Olympic Peninsula.

Skagit Valley Malting produced the malt for all three releases of Copperworks’ Washington Peated American Single Malt Whiskey. The distillery releases its first peated whiskey Release 034 in December 2020, and in late 2021, he released a single cask, cask strength version Version 040.

Copperworks version 042 (image via Copperworks Distilling)

“Washington State peat burned during the malt-drying process imparts a distinctive smoky flavor to the barley, resulting in unique, earthy flavors in our peated whiskey versions,” said Jason Parker, co-owner and chairman of Copperworks Distilling Co, in a prepared statement. . “No one in the United States, to our knowledge, is manufacture of domestic peated malt, with the exception of Skagit Valley Malting. We recognize our good fortune to have local access to this unique malt, and are delighted to announce that we brewed our 2022 batch a few weeks ago!

“Copperworks and Skagit Valley Malting share the same vision of using local ingredients to make world-class products,” added Erik Youngren, vice president of sales and marketing for Skagit Valley Malting. “Our peated malt is our most unique offering, and Copperworks has taken it and made it into something special, much like the region where whiskey, malt and barley come from. Whiskey is the epitome of terroir because it is made with the very soil of our region. There’s no such thing as PNW, and these offerings are no exception.

Copperworks Release 042 is bottled at 51% ABV, with only 1,063 bottles produced at a price of around $77 per 750ml. It is available directly from the distillery and you will find the official tasting notes below.

Aromas exhibit a rich tapestry of vanilla bean paste, ripe passion fruit and pineapple, enhanced by a subtle smoke. The influence of the barrel shows first in the flavor notes with an early entry of candied almonds and salted caramel, later developing into a complex of oak and tannins. The finish is long and complex with notes of pine sap, bread crust and white pepper that linger in a delicious memory of fig jam and fruit leather from your first sip. Repeated sips bring even more pleasure!