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How to Make the Perfect Whiskey Cocktail and 15 Recipes to Inspire You

Munich-based bar owner and whiskey expert Stefan Gabányi recently released a new edition of Schumann whiskey lexicon, which he first wrote in 1996, because he says whiskey is evolving and gaining popularity like never before.

“It’s a bit of a phenomenon because there is usually a generational gap with spirits – no one wants to drink what their parents drink,” Gabányi explains. “Now there are so many young people drinking it and a lot more women too, which has mostly changed things for the whiskey in terms of quality.” He notes that the innovation and availability of whiskey around the world, especially when it comes to products from the United States and Japan, has made the nearly 700-year-old spirit more modern and vibrant than ever.

“There are so many different characters, aromas and styles of whiskey these days that only rum can compare, but you don’t yet have such a refined picture of rum as with whiskey,” Gabányi explains. . “In the old days, scotch was that macho drink for the rich and bourbon was for the poor, but that has all changed, especially since there are now thousands of producers, and America has really done a lot with it. bourbon to make both attractive. a wide range of people. ”Some of his favorite American whiskey brands include Knob Creek and Michter’s, while he says he’s keeping an eye out for a burgeoning German whiskey label, St. Killian. whiskey from where the spirit began, Scotland, get yourself a bottle of Springbank.

Gabányi says making the perfect whiskey cocktail is all about balance and power. His drinking establishment, Bar Gabányi, revisits classic cocktails, like Manhattan, which he says is a prime example of a balanced yet powerful whiskey cocktail, thanks to the addition of vermouth and bitters. He says craft cocktails have become more popular over the years, whiskey is the perfect spirit to experiment with because it’s so versatile and pairs well with an abundance of home-made herbs and essences. Get inspired to create your own classic or imaginative whiskey cocktail with these fabulous recipes.

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