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Gertie’s Whiskey Bar Opens New Location in Louisville | Bites

Named Best Whiskey Bar in Nashville (certainly, by me), Gertie’s whiskey bar has earned its vaunted reputation with an unrivaled collection of rare whiskeys served by knowledgeable bartenders who will happily whip up a creative cocktail or serve you the right things straight from a snifter. Nashville is a big city of whiskey, but we are still a small pond compared to our neighbors to the north in Louisville.

However, if you were to ask me to come up with an adjective to describe Gertie’s chef / owner Matt Bolus, “fearless” would be pretty high on my list. So it’s only a little surprising that Bolus and his supporters chose to open a second location of their dark liquor sanctuary in the heart of Louisville’s NuLu neighborhood at 801 East Market St.

Barely a week old at this point, Gertie’s is accompanied by a partner restaurant, similar to the Nashville location’s connection with The kitchen 404. In Louisville, Red Pebble Hospitality has paired Gertie’s with Turin sandwich bar, a delicatessen and Italian-style sub-boutique.

At opening, Gertie’s / Louisville stocks over 100 whiskeys – an impressive amount, but far from the Nashville collection. That said, Bolus & Co. are planning to expand into the space and will be offering 11 special single-barrel selections that were chosen by Bolus and their talented palette. If past experiences are any indicator, they should be some pretty special bottles that will impress even jaded Derby City whiskeyphiles. Be sure to add a visit to your itinerary for your next trip on I-65.

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