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Dough Ball Cookie Dough Whiskey Shakes Up Sweet Versatility

While some whiskey drinkers pour two fingers into a sniffer for a sophisticated sip, not all libations sound choking. Sometimes a little whimsy in the glass makes the drinking experience that much more enjoyable. With Dough Ball Cookie Dough Whisky, flavored liquor is ready to disrupt the drinking experience.

Recent beverage trends show that flavored liquors are on the rise. This hint of specific flavors fused together in a classic liqueur brings the excitement. Whether drunk with a simple mixer or shaken in a cocktail, the added flavor expands the possibilities.

Dough Ball Cookie Dough Whiskey has created a loyal following. Now available nationwide, this bottle-blended sweetness adds excitement to every pour.

Joey Parris, Marketing Director of MPL Brands, shared his insights and said, “We wanted to create a whiskey that stood out from the competition while being accessible and fun for all types of consumers, showcasing the flavor of your chocolate. prefer. nugget cookies in a deliciously satisfying whiskey whether sipped, swirled or mixed in a cocktail. Dough Ball is for everyone, and we can’t wait to see how consumers indulge on their own terms.

Dough Ball Cookie Dough Whiskey S’mores Cocktail, photo courtesy of Dough Ball

Dough Ball Cookie Dough Whiskey cocktails are the ultimate treat

While many people have discovered a glass of Dough Ball Cookie Dough whiskey simply over ice, the flavored whiskey is delicious when shaken in a cocktail. Since the flavor profile leans a little sweet, it needs a bit of balance to bring out the nuance in the glass. Bitters can offer this note.

For example, one cocktail, S’mores, is a martini version of the classic dessert. Aside from the favorite marshmallow baking, the relatively simple cocktail benefits from the Dough Ball as the whiskey has a slight caramel flavor. When mixed with chocolate and graham crackers, the flavors hit all the right notes. It’s a dessert worthy of a campfire.

Here’s how to make S’mores from Dough Ball Cookie Dough Whiskey.



  • Crushed graham cracker for rim of cocktail glass
  • roasted marshmallows


  • Add the ingredients to a shaker and shake vigorously until cool. Drizzle chocolate over bottom of martini glass, which has been rimmed with crushed graham crackers. Strain the cocktail into a glass. Garnish with toasted marshmallow.

Although the S’mores cocktail is a dessert drink, it’s not the only option behind the bar. Of course, this flavored whiskey will be delicious in a hot chocolate or a coffee, it is just as pleasant in a classic cocktail, like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Since there is this caramel note in the whiskey flavor and it evokes the taste of a cookie, it works very well in an alcoholic shake. A simple scoop of vanilla ice cream with a few cookie crumbs on top brings that whimsy to the glass.

Also, why not play a salted caramel slant with the ball of dough. For example, combine the ball of dough with Mozart chocolate liqueur and serve it in a glass with a salted caramel rim. This will be the perfect dessert cocktail.

Dough Ball Cookie Dough whiskey can be found at various retailers, including Walmart, Total Wine, and Safeway. The suggested retail price for one bottle is $29.99.

Whether it’s enjoyed by the summer campfire, football tailgate, chilly winter night, or romantic evening on the couch, there’s always a reason to pour Dough Ball Cookie Dough Whiskey.