Whiskey cocktail

Dallas Bar Sells ‘F*ck Putin’ Shots in Support of Ukraine

No Russian vodka in this one.

As bars and liquor stores across the country began remove Russian vodka from their shelves in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a Dallas bar introduced its own “sanctions” against the country.

In addition to the Russian vodka shot, Alexander introduced a “Fuck Putin” shot which is blue and yellow in honor of the Ukrainian flag.

The shot caught immediate attention – and was so popular they had to rework the recipe. And they donate all proceeds from the shooting to humanitarian organizations that help Ukraine.

Speaking about the viral drink, Alexandre’s said that while they knew removing Russian vodka from their shelves would ultimately not end the war in Ukraine, they wanted to do what they could to show their support:

“During war or world events, we often feel helpless in the face of tragedy. Although we understand that pulling a bottle from the wall or serving shots will not end this war, using our skills and doing small acts of solidarity can create a more unified community response to such actions.

So, in solidarity with Ukrainians and anti-war protesters in Russia, we wanted to do what Alexander does best: create a cocktail and raise a glass in hopes of a quick and peaceful end to this conflict and build a world where war is never an option.

And if you want to make your own Fuck Putin shot, they even shared the recipe (just make sure to use Ukrainian vodka).


2 shaker boxes

1st agitator:
Jumex Mango 0.5 oz
Peach Schnapps 0.5 oz
Shake dry (it keeps it from diluting)

2nd stirrer:
Vodka Kruto 1.5oz
Blue curacao 0.5 oz
Frozen shake.

Pour your first shaker into a shot glass.
Slowly pour your second shaker over the back of a spoon into the shot glass.