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Whiskey Decanter Sets Buying Guide

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Why buy a whiskey decanter?

If you like whiskey, you will really enjoy a set of decanters. They can elevate the whole experience of having a drink, whether you’re pouring just one or having a few friends over. Whiskey decanter sets look much more sophisticated than branded bottles and mismatched whiskey glasses. Give your whiskey the respect it deserves and use a whiskey decanter set!

What should you look for in a set of whiskey decanters?

  • Hermetic seal: The best whiskey decanters will provide an airtight seal to prevent your whiskey from oxidizing and losing flavor. Unlike wine decanters, whiskey decanters should keep your liquor from aeration.
  • Cut: Whiskey decanters and accompanying glass tumblers tend to vary in size. However, the average bottle of whiskey is around 25 fluid ounces, so it’s a good idea to find a larger decanter that can hold an entire bottle at a time.

Are whiskey decanters different from wine decanters?

Wine decanters are quite different from whiskey decanters; you can’t use one for both drinks. Wine decanters are used to aerate the wine before drinking it to give it a better flavor. Wine decanters are usually larger, open containers that are only used temporarily, shortly before the wine is served. However, when whiskey is oxidized or aerated, it can lose flavor and freshness. This is why whiskey decanters will be smaller and have lids to seal the alcohol from the air. They can store whiskey longer than wine decanters can also store wine.

Our picks for the best whiskey decanter sets

Best choice

Benefits: This seven-piece Italian set comes with a 33.75-ounce decanter and six elegant matching highball glasses, so you can use it for entertaining. It is meticulously crafted with old-fashioned glass-making techniques and a design reminiscent of a pineapple. It would be a great gift for friends and family members, and it’s great value for money.

The inconvenients: The lid does not completely close the carafe, which can accelerate the oxidation of the whisky.

Conclusion: This attractive whiskey decanter set is perfect for those who like to entertain friends on the weekend. It will make a great addition to a home bar.

most unique

Benefits: This whiskey decanter set is incredibly effective at preventing evaporation and preserving the taste of your whiskey. The set comes with two old-fashioned glasses and its unique carafe has a storage capacity of 42 fluid ounces. Its handcrafted wooden base looks beautiful and stabilizes the glass carafe with a surprise glass vessel inside.

The inconvenients: This is a more expensive option. If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider another set of decanters.

Conclusion: This artisanal carafe is both functional and elegant. It allows you to dispense and store your whiskey easily, but its design is really eye-catching.

Best Five-Piece Set

Benefits: This Italian made whiskey decanter set is beautiful. Each piece has a diamond-shaped textured pattern along the bottom half. The carafe and tumblers are made from 100% lead-free ultra-clear glass and are safe to clean through your washing machine. The set comes in a magnetic and embossed box which makes it perfect for gift giving.

The inconvenients: The lid does not provide the best seal.

Conclusion: This set of five whiskey decanters is a great must-have for bar carts. It will look classy and serve you and your guests well.

Best custom option

Benefits: This customizable whiskey decanter set includes five items: a 25-ounce decanter and four elegant glass tumblers. You can personalize each drinking glass and whiskey tumbler with engraved names, company names, designs and years, so it’s a great set for retirement or work gifts, housewarming gifts or wedding gifts. The set comes in a fancy gift box with a polishing cloth, and you can include whiskey stones with your purchase.

The inconvenients: This set is also a bit more expensive when you compare it to other options.

Conclusion: This whiskey decanter set is the ultimate gift option. The carafe and glasses can each be engraved with a meaningful design to commemorate a special occasion.

Final Thoughts

Whiskey decanter sets can complement an office, home bar, or bar cart in a sophisticated way. If you’re looking for a new set or a gift for a loved one, check out our suggestions.