Whiskey cocktail

Are you going to drink this? Venison de Fiola Fat Washed Whiskey Cocktail

The beverage: Deer in the headlights

Where to get it: Fiola, 601 Pennsylvania Ave. NO; (202) 628-2888; fioladc.com

Price: $ 15

What it is: A cocktail with rye whiskey washed with venison fat, Averna Amaro and The Bitter Truth EXR herbal liqueur. It is the color of dark aged leather.

How it’s made: After the Fiola chefs cooked the game for the dinner menu, they set aside the melted fat. Bar manager Jeff Faile then combine the fat with Rittenhouse Rye and let sit at room temperature for a few hours. He freezes the mixture overnight, then skims off the excess fat and passes the liquid through cheesecloth.

What does it look like: It begins with an explosion of intense rye and caramel, then slowly returns to a sweetness that coats the tongue. All game taste is subtle.

History behind the drink: Faile says he found the name before the glass. He had seen liquors washed with bacon. “I wanted to do a more eccentric version,” he says. “We have access to the venison here, so I was like ‘why not?’ Last year, Fiola served pine-smoked venison, so Faile figured the venison-infused whiskey would pair well with The Bitter Truth EXR, which has Pine Notes. The sweet caramel and citrus flavors of Averna Amaro sweeten it a bit.

How to drink it: “This is one of the heaviest cocktails I have ever tasted,” says Faile. One per night is more than enough. While it stands best on its own, Faile says you can also sip it with a game dish. It is available at Fiola until March.

Photo courtesy of Fiola

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