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Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey finished in ice cider casks

It’s hard not to get poetic about the beauty of small-batch bourbons. While the rise of the spirits space has enhanced the creativity and breadth of products offered by distillers, small batches allow producers to take a more creative approach when crafting their spirits, giving often fantastic results. When it comes to small-batch bourbon distillers, Angel’s Envy is among the most elite. The Louisville standout has developed a stellar reputation for his delicious bourbons, and he just announced he’s releasing a new, innovative rye whiskey as part of its Cellar Collection.

As the name suggests, Angel’s Envy Rye Finished in Ice Cider Whiskey uses ice cider casks in the aging process of its rye whisky. The distiller created this one-of-a-kind spirit by finishing their seven-year-old 95% rye in ice cider casks from Eden Specialty Ciders, a Vermont-based brand. For those unfamiliar with the drink, ice cider is a popular dessert-style cider in parts of the northern United States and much of Canada.

The French oak barrels used for this aging process were used to make ice cider from tart, late-ripening Northern Spy apples, which imparted a crisp fruitiness to the inherently spicy whisky. On the nose, the Ice Cider Finish presents notes of caramel candy apple and toasted oak, with hints of hazelnut and cinnamon. These aromas give way to a bold, peppery palate that offers strong cinnamon notes, which harmonize with more subtle hints of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch and, unsurprisingly, apple. Its spicy mouthfeel turns into a long and satisfying finish, with notes of brown sugar, hints of oak and even more apples.

Angel’s Envy has raised the creative bar once again, elevating its stellar rye whiskey as only it can. Angel’s Envy Rye whiskey finished in ice cider casks is 107 proof, limited to 6,000 bottles and sells for $250 – although the price may vary depending on the market.

Purchase: $250

Photo: Angel Envy