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Affinity Creative Group Unveils Sweet Design for Doughball Whiskey | News

MARE ISLAND, Calif., March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Patco Brands, a family-owned adult beverage company known for its drive for innovation, has hired Affinity Creative Group to project the attitude, whimsy and memorability of a new concoction into the spirits aisle. , Doughball Whisky. Given the recent explosive growth of flavored whiskeys, this nimble producer of niche brands knew he was onto something with a cookie dough flavored whisky. The challenge: How to quickly communicate this unique offering in an increasingly crowded category.

The packaging designed by Affinity Creative encourages customers to “unleash” their sweet side.

Affinity Creative Group, an award-winning branding and design agency specializing in wines and spirits, located in Mare Island, California, created a chubby, lovable and majestic bulldog to serve as an icon and represent the emotive essence of the brand. Combined with bold lettering for the brand name and positioned on a large round field of ‘paste’, this is one packaging design you can’t miss. On the store shelf or behind the bar, this quirky, distinctive and high-impact label is visible from a mile away.

Whether downed in a shot or enjoyed in a cocktail, Doughball is anything but boring. The Affinity Creative team developed an in-kind package, with insider vibe and energy, while projecting authentic whiskey cues to support a premium price tag. The complete package captures smiles, invites trial and encourages customers to “unleash” their sweet side.

About Patco Brands: Patco Brands is a family-owned import, distribution, marketing and sales business. Visit patcobrands.com for more information.

About the Affinity Creative Group: From our unique creative campus along historic Officers Row on Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group provides brand design, digital media and retail enablement marketing services, particularly for wine, spirits and other luxury categories. Please visit affinitycreative.com for more information.

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